Behind the Scenes at the Bakery…and a chocolate Smoky Eye

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Since I started moonlighting as a professional (still novice!) cupcake baker last October, and have been working in the back of the house at a local bakery, I’ve been exploring ways to merge the fantastic worlds of cupcakes, and cookies, and cakes, and other kinds of baking…and also makeup.

For instance, there are ways in which cupcake and cookie baking are similar. Like, for instance, the basic process you go through to make cakes and cookies is the same. First, you pull together your dry ingredients and your wet ingredients, and then you alternate the wet the with dry.


It’s also the same things when I’m baking at for fun at home, with the most significant difference being that everything is scaled up to crazy high proportions at the bakery. Like, the other day, I baked 15 chocolate cake layers for a single day’s worth of orders! This is compared to at home, where I’ll maybe make three layers, at the most.

Working at the bakery has been really cool because I’ve been learning a lot, but I’m always kind of scared that I’ll do something horribly wrong, like burn a big-@ss batch of 600 sugar cookies…

I baked these chocolate cakes!
Another difference between baking at home and baking at the bakery is how we carry out prep tasks in piecemeal, and over the course of a few days.


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At home, I’m the one who preps the ingredients, prepares the batter, bakes off the cakes or cupcakes, and decorates from start to finish.

That’s *hella* chocolate batter!
You don’t even wanna know how much butter is in this big mixer best now…
But at the bakery, tasks are broken down into very particular subtask lists, so that at any point in time, one of the other bakers can pick up where another baker has left off. It’s extremely efficient that way!

This look I’m wearing here, which I did with the Zoeva Cocoa blend and Caramel Melange palettes, was inspired by that mega chocolate bake off I mentioned!

The Zoeva Cocoa blend (left) and Caramel Melange (right) eyeshadow palettes
Oh, and here’s another big thing I’ve learned working at the bakery…and it’s likely extremely obvious: people really, really, really like chocolate cake.

Because we make a lot of chocolate cakes, and chocolate is considered one of the “foolproof” recipes. At the bakery, they give it to the newbies like me because, unless you’re a complete hot mess, you can’t muck it up. It’s an oil-based cake, so you just dump all of the ingredients into a container and mix them together, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get a moist cake!


I used two food-inspired palettes by Zoeva in this chocolatey smoky eye… It turned out a bit pinker than I’d like, but you know, in some cases you get to that point and you can’t really go back, so you just choose it. LOL!

Your friendly neighborhood baking addict,


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