A Sephora VIB Sale strategy (and a Skin care Haul)

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I have revised my plan of assault for the Sephora VIB sale, because, let’s get real…only a few of the products I want are things I can’t function without (I’m speaking to you, Kate Somerville Anti-Bac Clearing Lotion). most of the things are things I only want since they’re on sale… I’m 100% my mother’s child that method (“It’s on sale? buy IT. Don’t you ever pay full price, ever!”).

But really, exactly how much do I really requirement one more bronzer, all-matte neutral combination or one more coral lipstick?


Not much! LOL. however I still want them all, particularly with new makeup coming out every five seconds, so I gotta inspect myself before I wreck myself…

How do I weed out unnecessary or spur-of-the moment purchases?

On the extremely very first day of the sale, I put whatever I want to buy into my cart, as well as then I wait… as well as wait. as well as wait. I let everything simmer there, brewing as well as stewing (and taunting me?). Then, juuuuust before the sale ends, I’ll see what’s left in my cart, as well as most of the time when I do this, there are things that have offered out, which whittles the listing down, as well as from there I reevaluate what’s left as well as see what fits into my budget.

This tactic reduces the likelihood of me getting a whole lot of things I mainly only want since they’re on sale.


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‘Twas a skin care haul (regular costs shown)
Um…but K-Dawg, does this really work?

Dude, it totally does! Forcing myself to wait as well as truly believe about my cart as well as the grand overall $ staring back at me helps…because I understand who I am, as well as I’m a spur-of-the-moment shopper.

Waiting likewise forces me to look around at what I already have in my stash.

For this last sale, I understood I needed one more bottle of Kate Somerville Anti-Bac, sunscreen/face moisturizer for winter (ugh, dry skin), an eye cream as well as some chemical exfoliators for mature skin, since every morning lately when I get up as well as look in the mirror, instead of seeing my face, I see freakin’ Gollum’s!

What my heart was telling me I wanted, though, was a lot of makeup — a Charlotte Tilbury palette, Shiseido eyeliners as well as eyeshadows (they just recently revamped their entire makeup line, as well as it’s supposed to be truly good), some Charlotte Tilbury blushes as well as bronzers, as well as a Dior foundation.

OK, as well as perhaps a few other things were in there too, ha ha ha. You understand me as well well!

Step 1: buying my own stash

The Charlotte Tilbury combination ended up being offered out, however whatever worked out since I rediscovered my BECCA Chrissy Palette, which more or less serves the exact same purpose. I’m a bit unfortunate panda, however if the CT combination is still around for the next VIB sale as well as I’m still lusting after it, I’ll get it then.

Hello, old friend…

As for skin care, after digging with my drawers as well as makeup bins at home, I discovered some Kate Somerville samples I’ve been meaning to test however haven’t gotten around to (see pic at the top), including a firming as well as brightening retinol as well as vitamin C serum (which I’m extremely excited about since I like me some vitamin C), a hyaluronic acid essence as well as a moisturizing cleanser.

I likewise discovered a lost gift card to a regional medical spa that I got last Christmas, which I’m going to utilize to get one more exfoliator/brightening product, Skinceuticals C+E Ferulic.

The things you discover when you really look with your drawers!

Step 2: Whittling down the final cart

Ultimately, I ended up getting precisely what I needed to stay with my budget:

Kate Somerville Anti Bac Clearing lotion (ride or die)

Clinique Superdefense moisturizer SPF 20 Age defense extremely dry to dry combination (used it before as well as like it for dry winter skin)

Clinique considerably different Moisturizing cream (new to me, however Clinique moisturizers usually agree with me, as well as I like the cost point.)

Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye cream (several good friends raved as well as suggested this.)

Shiseido Facial Cotton (THE STUFF, as well as whatever else in comparison feels like sandpaper.)

I’m a bit bummed that I did pick up any type of color products, for sure, however I’m likewise excited about trying some new skin care…and ideally not appearing like Gollum very first thing in the morning, ha ha!

Did you end up getting anything from the sale?


Oh, as well as if you got that CT palette, please note that I will have to vicariously online with you.

Your friendly community beauty addict,


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