The new Deborah Lippmann Sweets For My wonderful restricted edition nail polish set

Deborah Lippmann Sweets For My wonderful set ($34, restricted edition, six nail polishes)
Pastel blue nails are my jam. I’ve had my nails painted the exact same shade (Sugar repair by Sally Hansen) for about a year now, however when I saw the restricted edition Sweets For My Sweet set, generally that powder blue, My kid Lollipop, I quite much lost it.

Pastel blue is my concept of a neutral. I wear a great deal of black, grey, as well as jewel tones, as well as it serves as a basic surge of energy for any type of outfit. I like the method it contrasts with red lips, as well as I believe it makes me look somewhat tan.


It’s a color that, in my mind, flows through every season. It’s akin to remove skies at the beach during spring as well as summertime as well as those chilly, however sunny, days during the chillier months.

My kid Lollipop is a couple shades lighter than my cherished Sugar Fix. For my most current mani, I painted three thin coats of it without a base or top coat, as well as the formula lasted four solid days without any chipping.

Sugar repair generally lasts me seven days without chipping, however four is still really, truly good.


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For such light colors, none of the shades in this set streak on my nails, as well as each coat dries quickly.

My preferred shades from Sweets For My Sweet are candy woman (pastel pink), All Day sucker (pastel lavender), My kid Lollipop (pastel blue), and Sweet Pea (pastel green).


The six polishes in this collection look charming together, as well as I’ve been getting a ton of compliments on my Jordan almond-inspired manicure.

I haven’t painted my nails this lots of colors at the exact same time considering that I was a kid, as well as I’m really loving it. It provides me shades of pastel goth, as well as I’m truly digging the subtle shift between the shades on each nail.

Do you have a color you reach for all year, or do your tastes modification with the seasons?

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