Is There a Graceful method to Go Gray?

actually counting the seconds to my next coloring appointment
I’ve been dyeing my hair of what feels like forever. I believe the last time I rocked my natural color from roots to ends, gosh… It must’ve been when I was in my 20s. Maybe? It’s been a truly long time.

I’m currently two weeks out from a hair coloring visit with my buddy Alis, who lives as well as works in Las vegas however gos to right here to California every couple of months as well as takes some visits (I typically go every six to eight weeks).


Girl, I like going to the salon. It’s like a trip experience for me. For two hours, I tune out, checked out trashy magazines as well as just get to be pampered for that short block of time. Ah…

But even though it’s a fun thing for me, bit by little, it’s starting to feel less like a treat, as well as much more like hair handcuffs, since now whenever I go, it’s like, “Ugh, gotta cover these grays!” My hair is getting to the point where my roots are extremely apparent while they’re growing out.

I’m seriously thinking about letting my hair go to its natural raw state, however I just don’t understand if there’s an stylish method to make the jump to gray, particularly with dark hair.


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Yes, this is not a major issue in the higher plan of things. I recognize this, however still.

Maybe it would be simpler if I were totally gray. I’m most likely about 15% now. Actually, much more than that. perhaps 20%. 30%? Anyway, now gray hairs are starting to show up in my infant hairs on my forehead and, like, in my bangs as well as on the veeeeeery top of my head, so they aren’t as simple to hide.

If I were 100% gray already, at least it would be a single color, like awesome woman gray hair, however that’s not the case. I would be salt ‘n’ pepper, however without the dope rhymes or Spinderella.

I don’t understand if I ought to just let my hair grow out as well as put up with it for a while.

For a while… much more like a few years! Or, ought to I just keep doing what I’m doing as well as going to the salon? — since I do like my produced hair color. I might keep covering my roots with my reliable Rita Hazan spray, however let’s get real. My hair only looks great for about three weeks after I get it colored before the gray roots full-on destroy the party.

Or, I might just lastly dedicate to discovering exactly how to color my own hair properly, since I understand it isn’t impossible. then I might do it much more often.

I’m just truly poor at it, as well as I dislike doing it…


If you have any type of ideas, please let me know, since I’m so, so curious. If you’ve done it before (gone full-on gray), let me know. Did you go chilly turkey, or did you do it in steps? Are you believing about doing it? I would like to hear your thoughts. I can’t be the only person available wondering about this.

Your friendly community charm addict,


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