Unsung makeup Heroes: Shiseido Facial Cotton

Softer than delicate kitten paws
The Unsung Heroes series highlights a few of my ALL-TIME preferred long-term collection products from all kind of brands.

Dang, I had my heart set on being crabby about these Shiseido Facial Cotton pads, since girl, they’re $10, as well as you only get 165 of them, which is craziness to me since you might roll as much as Target right now as well as get a huge pack of 300 up & up brand cotton pads for $5.

But ugh, these Shiseido ones are so good!


I didn’t expect to be bougie about cotton pads, however I’m there, man. The Shiseido ones are the softest, most velvety facial pads I’ve ever used, as well as when you’ve felt their caress (it was unmistakable when they touched my delicate water lines), other cotton pads will feel like rough metal scouring pads. NO JOKE. even Q-tips.

OK, that was a joke…but you understand hear I mean’. The Shiseido Facial Cotton pads feel SOFT. Q-tips utilized to feel like tabby tum fur to me before I got spoiled by these.

I mainly utilize them to eliminate eye makeup, however you can utilize them like any type of other cotton sphere or cotton pad. They’ll apply toners or liquid essences after cleansing, eliminate deal with makeup, as well as they’ll soften the edges of your blush, eyeshadow or your bronzer completely well.


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I assumption you might likewise utilize them to eliminate nail polish, however I won’t be utilizing them for that. My fingers as well as toes just wouldn’t appreciate exactly how soft (or pricey) they are.

A single pad can eliminate all of my eye makeup as well as deal with makeup, then STILL have sufficient oomph delegated apply toner.

The pads aren’t just incredulously soft. They’re likewise amazingly absorbent, so a single pad goes quite far. most of the time when I utilize cheaper, thinner, less absorptive cotton pads, I requirement at least two to eliminate my eye makeup, as well as then one more two to take off my deal with makeup as well as surface up, like by discovering a clean corner on one of them to do some toning.

I can do all of that with one of these, as well as you might most likely even cut them into halves or fourths to stretch them out even further.


LOVE THESE! You can discover them at Shiseido counters as well as Sephora. next time they have their VIB sale, I’m gonna tons up as well as get a few packs.

Your friendly community beauty addict,


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