Unsung makeup Heroes: Chanel Rouge allure Ink in Créatif

Chanel Rouge allure Ink Matte liquid Lip Colour in Créatif
What’s an unsung makeup hero? For me, it’s an oftentimes underrated makeup morsel, a permanent collection product that scoots under the radar screen of lots of makeup lovers but regularly rocks my world. The long-running Unsung Heroes series features some of my favorites.

I’m always down for a summer time coral lippie, and Chanel Rouge allure Ink in Créatif ($37) is THE ONE.

Well…the one for this week, ha ha ha! ? Hello, have we met? My name is Karen, and I have a new coral crush every other day.


But that’s neither here nor there.

This one’s a matte liquid lipstick, but it’s unlike your normal dry and heavy/hello horizontal lip lines/cat butt liquid lippie sitch. It’s on the thinner side, like the NARS Powermattes, so you can’t feel it sitting on your lips, and it lasts about the same amount of time (~5 hours), but it’s much, much much easier to control as it glides across your lips.

I’m hoping that wearing Créatif will spark some creativity…

The Powermattes are runny like water, so they get all over the place (my teeth, my shirt, on the wall across the room — SERIOUSLY), but Créatif’s Rouge allure formula is thicker — a lot more like a very thin gel than a liquid — so it’s much easier to corral it into corners and your Cupid’s bow.


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But let’s talk about the shade. OH, MY CORAL-LOVIN’ HEART, THE SHADE! It’s a juicy pinkish coral. A Popsicle for your pout. I think you can wear it with pretty much anything, but when you pair it with a coral blush like Chanel Malice and a light dusting of bronzer (cheekbones, across the bridge of the nose and the crease, ’cause why the heck not!), unexpectedly you’re a tropical goddess, lounging in the best spot on the beach in front of the royal Hawaiian hotel and bathed in a pool of golden light while you trade flirty glances with the lifeguard.



Your friendly neighborhood appeal addict,


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