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DEAR TABBY: I truly delight in it when my assistant reads to me. I discover it extremely soothing, as well as I would like to be able to checked out to her and, in the future, to other cats. My assistant has been kind sufficient to tutor me, however I’m having a difficult time choosing it up. I utilized to believe that I was a quick research study since I’ve discovered exactly how to open the cupboards at the office, as well as I likewise comprehend doors, however this whole reading thing is going over my head.

I was wondering if you occurred to understand of any type of great reading programs for cats (free or paid), or if you have any type of tips. — excited visitor IN REDDING


P.S. My good friend Earl assisted me compose this letter since I couldn’t do it myself.

DEAR excited READER: I admire your stick-to-itiveness. Please understand that you’re not the only feline available who struggles with reading. It’s really a extremely typical problem — so typical that I started an organization to assist called Cats for Literacy. We have after-school programs for young kitties as well as evening programs for adult cats who want to enhance their reading skills. see the site at catsforliteracy.org to discover a program near you.

Once you’re much more comfortable with the fundamentals, method by reading things you enjoy. I extremely suggest feline elegant for its spectacular photography as well as engaging profiles. And, of course, my column here.


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I understand that with devoted study, you’ll be able to checked out Dear Tabby completely on your own.

Cat offers with heavy petting

DEAR TABBY: My kitty modeling company is little compared to yours, however even at my level, I’ve discovered that great assist is difficult to find. My one as well as only assistant is excellent in numerous ways. She’s punctual, energetic when it concerns keeping me entertained with feather toys, as well as she’s a amazing cook as well as gravy preparer, however she’s likewise the worst masseuse I have ever known. She has absolutely the worst petting technique.

She taps my head like I’m a canine as well as even — I youngster you not — actually scrubs me the wrong way.

I comprehend that every assistant has their strengths as well as weaknesses, as well as nobody is perfect. I certainly don’t expect perfection, however even if we might just somewhat enhance her petting abilities, it would be a huge improvement.

I hope that my assistant doesn’t checked out this since I don’t want to hurt her feelings. Overall, I believe she’s doing a fantastic job.

Tabby, what do you believe I ought to do? have you ever had an assistant that was excellent in so numerous methods however lacking in one specific area? as well as have you had much success sending workers to get outside training? — as well much TAPPING IN TOPEKA

DEAR as well much TAPPING: Of program I’d never admit this to my assistants since I like to keep them on their toes, however both of them are primo, first-class at petting. I have, however, experienced a similar problem with one of my employee’s household members. My female employee’s mom does the exact same precise thing, as well as it drives me batty.

Here’s what I do: I let her get one or two animals in, however then after the third one I carefully nip her on her hand — not to draw blood, however just as a pointer of who’s boss.

She’ll come at me again, of program — they always do — so I’ll repeat the process up until she gets the method right.

If this doesn’t work, you’ll requirement to escalate the situation, as well as I suggest dropping gentle hints. print out a guide to effectively petting your cat. Google it. There are tons of them online. as well as location that on her desk very first thing in the morning with a sticky that says, “FYI.”

No time for tardiness

DEAR TABBY: I work in an office with crazy people, as well as by insane, I imply that nobody right here has any type of idea of time. My assistants are always 5-10 minutes late for whatever — taking me for my walk, feedings, turning on my preferred TV show (I’m addicted to dance Moms). It’s like nobody right here has ever heard of a clock!

I am the only punctual worker in this office, as well as I’m at the end of my rope. exactly how can I get my coworkers to respect my time? — timely IN TAMPA

DEAR timely IN TAMPA: In circumstances like these, I believe you get much more bees with honey. Or, to put it in feline terms, you get much more kitties with catnip. Your method ought to be twofold: begin by buttering up your workers with a good gift — something like a trendy timepiece, together with a wonderful note that says, “I truly delight in working with you. It’s about time I got you a present. P.S. Don’t be scared to utilize this watch. :)”

If after a week your workers are still late for everything, take each one aside as well as highlight that your time is valuable. Make it remove that tardiness will no longer be tolerated.

Cat can’t drive 55

DEAR TABBY: In my former life, I was a expert stunt cat, however even though I’m retired now, I haven’t lost my taste for adrenalin. These days, I get my kicks by driving. I have a number of licenses (classes a, b as well as c) as well as have even been licensed to drive race cars.

The only thing is that I’m moving to a specify that doesn’t acknowledge cats as having valid licenses. Unfortunately, I have no state in the move, either.

What ought to I do, Tabby? ought to I provide up my enthusiasm for driving, or ought to I face my workers about the move? — quick as well as FURIOUS IN FREMONT


DEAR quick as well as FURIOUS: ’tis a cruel thing to expect a feline to abandon his or her passion. Take this chance to put your paw down, as well as let your workers understand that this relocation will NOT be happening. It may disturb the peace for a while, however they’ll ultimately come around.

I always suggest dividing as well as conquering. get your closest confidant on your side first, as well as then have that worker sow seeds of question amongst the rank as well as file.

As always, say thanks to you reading Dear Tabby!

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