Sundays With Tabs the Cat, makeup as well as beauty blog Mascot, Vol. 392

Dear Diary,

I believed this would be a great weekend to update my portfolio. I’ve been wanting to freshen it up with some new beauty shots, you know, just to show that I’ve still got it as well as can still rock a cutting-edge kitty modeling campaign.


I’m extremely proud of my new wonderful shots, which I did as part of a personal photography job to demonstrate my range.

A great deal of business are going that more abstract path these days. A great deal of it is what they phone call CGI, which means computer-generated imagery.

Yeah, it’s just tech talk. Whatever, I’m down with that.

I mean, the reality is… Well, sometimes I do feel a bit insecure about innovation as well as the stuff the kitties are doing with Snapchat as well as whatnot since of my advanced age, but… Well, I don’t truly want to talk about that.


Anyway, I much better get back to working on my portfolio now. I believe I should include a few new photos of me rocking accessories.

Have a great one, Diary. say thanks to you for listening.

Your BFFF (Best Feline good friend Forever),

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