Procrastinating appeal blogger identify

I saw this identify a while back on The Life of Kristyn – just goes to show how I much of a procrastinator I am, considering that I’m finally posting it a lot more than 3 months later!

1. name a appeal routine that you rarely do?
Pluck my eyebrows. but it isn’t from laziness, it’s from the lack of need… or hairs. My eyebrows are naturally quite sparse so I actually never went through that phase where I over-plucked them and they never grew back appropriately like everyone else did.  I did walk around looking like an alien for years before my esthetician pal finally held me down and drew brows on me.  Now I can’t think of going out without doing my brows!  As for plucking, I probably pluck the odd stray hair maybe once a month.

2. Is washing your cosmetics brushes something that you do regularly?
I own a lot of brushes generally because I put off washing them for as long as possible. I don’t dislike the act of washing them, but I have to be in the ideal frame of mind.  Every morning I use fresh clean eye shadow brushes and then put them aside in the designated container for dirty brushes – I’m able to go about 4 weeks before I need to wash up a batch of eye shadow brushes.  Here’s a shot of my dirty brushes:

3. how long will you last with chipped nail polish?
Maybe a day, but I usually wear nudes or light colours so chips aren’t as noticeable.  I’m fairly regimented in my nail polish routine: once a week on Sunday evenings is when I change my polish.  I’ve also found the combination of base and top coat that works (Orly Bonder for base, and Poshe for top coat) to keep my nail polishes mostly chip-free for full 7 days.

4. how long will you put off getting / replacing a appeal product, even if you need it?
If it’s a HG or vital product, I make sure I always have a back-up in my stash. Procrastinating about getting appeal products isn’t the problem with me, ha!  I’ll never be without cotton pads, for instance:

5. What is your worst appeal habit?
I had to think long and hard at this question! I’d like to think I’ve weaned myself off the normal bad routines like biting my nails, picking at my skin, or touching my face during the day… so I will say that my worst appeal routine is getting so damn much of the same things over and over again (a habit which I’m trying to break this year).  I nearly just can’t help myself! I will instinctively pick up a new lash curler, or another taupe eye shadow… just because? I don’t know.  Looking for that next high? I just like trying new things.  But I also don’t like getting rid of my old things. It’s the makings of a hoarder, I know.

A Ziplock baggy of blushes I hardly ever use but I can’t bear to part with.
6. name something non-beauty related that you put off doing all the time?
Taking stuff to the dry cleaners.  My SO and I just gather piles of stuff and then eventually I lug everything over.  Oh did I mention the dry cleaner is literally across the street from our place?  Conversely, I’m also horrible at picking UP stuff from the dry cleaners. Once, I left our duvet there for 2+ months (we have 2 that we rotate).  I was shocked they didn’t charge us for storage.

7. When going out somewhere, do you leave getting ready to the last minute?
No way! The thought of this stresses me out.  I’m that person who will start getting ready at twelve noon for an evening engagement. I don’t like feeling rushed, and in fact, if I’m feeling rushed, I’ll slow down even a lot more just due to the pressure of feeling rushed – if that makes any sense.

8. Can you commit to spending bans?
I guess the proof is in the pudding! The whole point of my blog thus far has been my year-long No-Buy. I did attempt a No-Buy last year starting in January as well, but I succumbed to all the spring collection launches by March.  This year I was figured out to make it work, so I started this blog.

9. how organised is your cosmetics and nail polish collections?
They’re fairly well organized physically, but very well organized electronically!  Through tracking my “inventory” with my spreadsheet, I have a good manage on what I own.  But I do wish I had a lot more space to lay out everything so I can use a lot more of my collection – I gotten some Muji drawers a little while ago and I want to do a storage post, but it’s still not where I like it to be.   ideal now I have to make a concerted effort to rotate my stock so I can appreciate a lot more of the forgotten gems.

These clear acrylic drawers hold about 30% of my stash.
Have you done this Tag? If not, I’d love to read your answers to these questions! Don’t procrastinate doing this Tag!

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