Next Stop: Kitties! The new Giorgio Armani Orient Excess combination clutch Is almost Purr-Fect

using the new Giorgio Armani Orient Excess combination Clutch, $100
Tickets, please! Please have your tickets ready. now boarding for the Giorgio Armani Orient Excess!

Good afternoon! My name is Karen, as well as I’ll be your conductor today.


This is a holiday train. before we leave Novato station, all tray tables as well as seat backs must be in the upright position. Fasten your security belt, as well as please keep your new Orient Excess combination clutch ($100) in sight at all times.

A two-piece holiday set, the $100 restricted edition Giorgio Armani Orient Excess combination clutch includes a lush, velvet clutch as well as a two-tiered combination with an illuminating powder as well as three powder eyeshadows.

The set includes the blue clutch as well as two-tiered blue compact palette…
Be advised that pickpockets are understood to target passengers on the train, as well as thefts have been on the increase ever since this two-piece set shown up on Giorgio Armani counters (it’s likewise offered online).

Management believes that a regional criminal syndicate of crazy feline women is responsible. The CCLs have been targeting the set’s blue compact for two reasons.


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First, the thieves are not able to withstand the sumptuous style on the illuminating deal with powder; second, the three powder eyeshadow colors remind them of kitties.

The three eyeshadows on the shadow tier of the round combination are traditional Armani. No after effects whatsoever, as well as they’re smoother than a tomcat lothario.

CCLs report that the shades look type of like feline fur colors. The dark brown on the far left reminds them of a Havana Brown, the middle shade a Russian Blue, as well as the golden taupe on the far left evokes a Siamese.

According to one CCL, “The shimmery surface doesn’t highlight the fine lines on my lids, either.”

When asked about the compact’s illuminating powder, the CCL replied, “It’s not my favorite. It’s extremely sheer, as well as I can barely see any type of sheen or radiate on my skin. I dig subtle finishes, however this one’s a bit as well quiet…”

She did, however, like the clutch. “Totally cute!” she said. “But it’s little as well as doesn’t in shape a lot. just a compact, a lipstick as well as perhaps your ID. You can fail to remember about your phone though.”

Speaking as a part-time CCL who only moonlights as a conductor, the blueish gray shadow in the center totally reminds me of a Russian Blue in my neighborhood.

I may or may not have exclaimed, “Ooh, kitties!” the very first time I put these shadows on my lids.

But sufficient about me! Let’s get back to business, shall we?

Tickets, please! Please have your tickets ready. now boarding for the Giorgio Armani Orient Excess!

PRICE: $100
AVAILABILITY: offered now on the internet as well as at Giorgio Armani counters with the rest of the holiday makeup collection
MAKEUP as well as beauty blog RATING: B/B+ (I feel like the eyeshadows are on point, as well as the clutch, while tiny, looks super luxe, however the illuminating powder might benefit from a bolder finish.)

Wearing Tom Ford Lip color Matte in Pussycat on my lips as well as Giorgio Armani Daybreak Cheek material blush on my cheeks

Tortie time…

In somewhat associated kitty news, I made a new buddy last night going for a walk around my neighborhood. A friendly tortie woman was waiting on me at the top of some stairs. I walked right as much as her as well as started petting her cheeks as well as her sides, as well as she meowed as well as circled my legs.

I’ve named her Elsa.


Have you made any type of new feline buddies lately?

Your friendly community beauty addict,


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