Missing in Action: lost Lashes!

So, this happened…
You understand when you’re freaking out however trying not to freak out, however then trying not to freak out makes you freak out even more?

I’m doing that best now.


It’s since of these missing lashes! A huge chunk of lashes are missing from my best eye.

My natural lashes aren’t “all that” to begin with, OK, as well as ever because I had Connor, they’ve gotten even thinner as well as shorter than they were before, to provide you an concept of the baseline.

Basically, I’m not working with a great deal in terms of lashes, which is why you’ll discover random tubes of mascara all over in my house. EVERYWHERE.


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So exactly how did this happen? I don’t know. Last weekend I was curling my lashes, as well as after I completed my best eye I discovered that space smack dab in the center of my upper lash line.

Nooooooooo! Dude. You don’t recognize exactly how essential those center lashes are up until they’re freaking gone!

I don’t understand when it happened, however I’m guessing that it occurred last week when I was using false lashes that I couldn’t wait to remove. They looked fantastic in pics, however they were very long, so I might see them out of the corner of my eye, which was driving me nuts. So, instead of doing what I typically do, which is soak a cotton pad with water resistant eye makeup cleaner as well as hold it over the falsies up until they carefully slip off, I just ripped those poor young boys off (perhaps a bit as well enthusiastically). In the process, I most likely ripped out that chunk of lashes on the best side, too.

Hopefully this lash improving product I just started utilizing called LASHFOOD (it’s at Sephora) assists them grow back.

I wished to try it since it’s 99.49% natural, gets good reviews, as well as it it’s much more affordable than many of the alternatives…not that it’s inexpensive. It’s still $79 for a three-month supply, so it’s not completely inexpensive (although, honestly, I don’t want to partner the concept of “cheap” with something that’s expected to grow hair close to my eyeballs).

I likewise believed about getting a membership to Latisse with YoDerm (an on the internet dermatologist), however it’s $140 per month, as well as I’m not prepared to go there yet… In my googling, I likewise checked out that Lash increase by Rodan + fields works for a great deal of people, however it’s $150 for a two-three month supply.

I sure hope LASHFOOD works, since I’m missing my missing lashes badly!!


Have you ever utilized a lash growth product? If you have, what was it, as well as did it work for you?

Your friendly community charm addict,


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