How Do You like to wear Your Ponytail?

Rockin’ a classic ponytail while walking Sir Tabs (I think this was last spring…or three hairstyles ago)
It depends on the situation, like, if I’m doing one for straight-up comfort, like to go running, then I’ll go with the classic pony — pulled back, with the height in the middle of my head toward the back, roughly above my ears.

It’s the old efficient standby that gets the hair off my face and, when my hair extends past my shoulders, keeps it from whipping into my grill…which gets really bothersome after a few miles.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about running it’s this: ponytail placement is EVERYTHING.

And when I’m not running, sometimes I’ll go with a more styled pony, like really high up on my head with a pouffy, messy tail and the hair on the front and sides of my head completely slicked down (fun fact: I’ve noticed that when I wear my hair like this it also works as an improv face lift, weird!).

I don’t wear that one a lot, though, because sometimes it gives me a headache…and it’s a pain to keep all the stray baby hairs around my forehead in place.

More typically than not, I’ll wear an undone, messy low side pony pulled to the left where I let the stray hairs just fly out and do whatever they want.


Hooray for purposefully messy/boho-style hair! I’ll pour a 40 of Vitamin Water on the sidewalk if it ever goes out of style.

What’s your preferred pony? High or low? casually to the side or dead center? half up, half down? Let’s talk ponytails this morning.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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