Happy Thanksgiving

Hugs as well as kisses to you.
Happy ? Thanksgiving, wonderful friend. I just wished to state hi as well as desire you a fantastic day.

I understand you’re most likely hectic contemplating a piece of pecan pie (I’m 100% in support of that), but…


Did somebody state pecan pie??
I want to try something today that I saw my good friend Toya Renee do on Facebook. She’s such a delight to comply with (you can discover her right here on Instagram as well as Twitter). She did a fun thing, as well as I want to try it right here on MBB since I’m hoping — fingers crossed! — it’ll spread some T-day ? joy.

Here’s what you do

Leave a comment below, as well as I’ll compose you a positive, loving as well as motivating comment back. I’m hoping that my words will make you feel a bit much more liked today.

Thank you for being you!

This bit corner of the Web is just a bit corner, however it’s a comfortable corner thanks to you.


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This year I’m thankful for numerous things — the huge things like health, household as well as a roofing system over my head — however I’ve always been thankful for you.

Thank you, Kim, for always making me laugh. I always look ahead to hearing from you as well as hearing about your twin boys. I feel like I’m their long-lost crazy aunt in California.

Jane! It’s been so much fun speaking about makeup with you (neutral eyeshadows 4 life), as well as I look ahead to the day Connor provides me (even more) gray hair when she learns exactly how to drive (does Zack have his permit yet?).

Chelsea, exactly how long have we been chatting? It has to have been at least four or five years. thanks for sharing your life with me all this time. since of you, I now want to take circus classes!

Rachel R.! You’re such a wonderful as well as fantastic mom. thanks for always having a kind word to say. I admire you, as well as I like your strong makeup looks.

Sweet Efrain, you’re the bit cousin I desire might dote on. thanks for all of your emails as well as kind check-ins when I’ve felt blue or overwhelmed.

And say thanks to YOU, dear reader, for always brightening ? my days. I’m eternally grateful for your company. Without you, my life wouldn’t be anywhere near as ?? colorful, ? pleased or fun.


Have a fantastic rest of your day, as well as I hope to see you in the comments soon.

Your friendly community charm addict,


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