Fenty beauty by Rihanna Invisimatte Blotting Powder

Peach fuzz states what now?
Fenty beauty by Rihanna Invisimatte Blotting Powder gets remarkable evaluations on the Sephora website, however it was the only product from my recent Fenty beauty purchase that I didn’t love…so I’ll keep this short as well as sweet.

It’s a 0.3-oz. plastic pan of non-refillable $32 pressed translucent powder (comes with a puff) for setting your foundation and/or concealer (you can likewise utilize it on bare skin to vanquish shine), as well as while it’s supposed to be totally undetectable on skin, unfortunately, I can totally see it.


OK, I’ll admit that I’m weird about deal with powder… I absolutely do not want to see it on my skin. At all. That’s why I hold MAC Mineralize Skinfinish natural in such high regard, since it’s the most non-powdery powder out there, IMO, regardless of exactly how carefully I peer into my mirror at it, as well as regardless of the illumination situation.

Sadly, I can totally see Invisimatte when I look at myself in bright sunlight, particularly when I turn my head. BAM! It drives me absolutely batty. There they are, grains of powder hanging out on the bit hairs on the sides of my cheeks, as well as don’t even pretend like you don’t likewise have them. Don’t all of us have a bit fur there?

Bottom line, I believe this is a excellent powder for getting rid of radiate as well as controlling oil — even much better than MAC Mineralize Skinfinish natural — however I truly desire it didn’t cling so obviously to le fuzz de peach.


Side note: sometimes I feel like the hairiest person to have ever walked the deal with of the earth. Why I don’t bring a razor around with me 24/7 (clutched in my hairy paws), I don’t know, however I should most likely start.

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