Do You ever feel Silly/Out of Touch/Old When You wear bright or vibrant Eye Makeup?

Well…sometimes! — but it truly depends upon where I am and who I’m with. Like, if I’m playing with a vibrant combination at home, listening to music and sitting on my bedroom floor, and I do a bright, shimmery blue-green eye, and then step outside to get some fresh air and El Hub or my neighbor sees me, they don’t even bat an eye anymore because they’re so utilized to seeing me in different specifies of crazy makeup, so I don’t feel silly at all around the house.

Or if I’m out someplace where I’m surrounded by other people of all ages using dramatic makeup, like at a MAC or a Sephora, then I don’t feel out of place, but…if I am someplace where everyone else is using low-key neutrals or (GASP!) no eye makeup at all, then yeah, I’ll feel a bit silly rollin’ up in a blown-out reddish bronze smoky eye.


It wasn’t always this way, though. When I was in my 30s, I never felt silly because of my makeup, no matter what.

But everything changes, right? My makeup style is evolving, and that’s cool too. but there is still (and always will be) a part of me that likes vibrant rainbow eyes.

How about you? Do you ever feel silly/out of touch/old using bright or vibrant eye makeup?


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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