Chit chat Tuesday: Public screens of grooming

Today’s chat Chat topic is something that a lot of people have an viewpoint about: is it socially acceptable to do self grooming activities in public?

I’m sure everybody can share a cringe-inducing story of experiencing someone’s public screen of improper self-grooming. everybody has their own comfort level of what’s appropriate, and here are my opinions!

First, let’s establish what I think about public places: it’s anywhere that strangers can see you. So, the comfort of your own vehicle on the road isn’t truly a personal location – those aren’t one-way mirrors, they’re glass, as well as indeed people can see you pick your nose.  Subways, buses, the mall, Starbucks, restaurants, the office, the park, waiting in line at McDonald’s… are all public spaces.  Let’s run with some do’s as well as don’ts:

Acceptable: swiftly tying up hair into a ponytail or claw
Unacceptable: Combing or brushing hair

Acceptable: applying lipbalm or lip products that don’t need a mirror
No: applying lipstick / lip liner that needs the utilize of a mirror

Acceptable: swiftly touching up of powder or deal with blotting (I’m still iffy on this)
Nopey Nope: applying full deal with foundation as well as concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, blush

Acceptable: Trimming a hangnail or data a jagged nail (in an emergency situation)
Just No: cutting nails with a nail clipper, filing all 10 fingers

Acceptable: applying hand cream
Please No: applying cream to the deal with or lotion to the body (well, perhaps except for sunscreen at the beach!)

The Tokyo Metro released a series of train manners as well as dedicated 3 pictures just to this issue! Source.
I have a lot more nos than yeses, so…
No no no:
• applying nail polish
• Spraying perfume
• Scratching your scalp excessively
• cleaning ears with fingers
• choosing food out of your teeth
• choosing your nose

Story time: just recently my SO as well as I went to one of our much-loved locations for lunch. It’s a relatively laid-back location as well as the food is fairly priced however delicious. After we were seated, in comes a household with a kid who sought to be about 10 years old – they’re seated 2 tables away from us. We location our buy as well as the restaurant is relatively peaceful up until we hear “click, click, click”. The unique noise of a nail clipper. The mommy had whipped out a nail clipper as well as was trimming her son’s nails ideal at the table! His nail clippings were just flying everywhere!!! We had half the mind to 1) tell them off 2) get up as well as step to one more table 3) tell the waitress to make them stop 4) glare at them. We’re pacifists so we selected choice #4. however ew, just the believed of his nail clippings landing at our table was gag-inducing. At least they stopped before our food arrived.

What are your thoughts on this topic? any type of other things I may have missed? Also, I’d like to hear stories of what public screens of grooming you’ve witnessed!

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