Chanel Stylo Yeux waterproof Long-Lasting eyeliner in 931 Noir Pétrole

Yay for Chanel Noir Pétrole waterproof Eye Liner! I’m also wearing the Chanel Codes Élégants quad on my eyes, Chanel Élégance Powder blush on my cheeks and hourglass girl Lip Stylo in Peacemaker
Why, though?

WHY? Why are so many of the best things limited edition? It’s lunacy, and it’s really annoying. Chanel Noir Pétrole eyeliner ($33) deserves a permanent position — like the Codes Subtils quad — because if you have brown eyes (and even if you don’t), it’s magic.


Glossy, smoky perfection

I recognize that it’s OTT to get this excited about eyeliners, seeing as there are so many flashier products out there in Makeupville, but I love a schmexy liner, and this one is schmexy.

The color is a little hard to describe, but I’m gonna try. It’s a super dark, hella pigmented khaki black with an essence of golden shimmer for an otherworldly finish that begs the question, “How in the Milky way did Chanel squeeze so much complexity into one little stick?” It boggles the mind. This beauty is glossy liner perfection.

Chanel Stylo Yeux waterproof Long-Lasting eyeliner in 931 Noir Pétrole, $33
Manna from heaven for brown-eyed babes (and boys!)

Sometimes when I wear this liner, it’ll look brown. other times, more khaki. other times still, more of a glossy blackish brown. then I’ll catch a glance of myself in the mirror and see the shimmery gold winking at me, and I’ll be like totally feelin’ myself, LOL! “Who’s that girl in the mirror? Oh, ME?” This liner will have you doing that. It looks amazing on brown eyes.


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But it’s not just for brown eyes

I have a strong suspicion that Noir Pétrole will also enchant hazel eyes as well… I wish El Hub would let me play and put it on his lids. I’d ask, but he won’t even let me curl his luscious lashes (rude!).

Anyway, if you have hazel eyes and have a moment with this, you have to let me know.

I’m wearing Noir Pétrole on my lash lines and water lines; the eyeshadow is the Chanel Codes Élégants quad

The best liner formula, I swear

Noir Pétrole comes in Chanel’s waterproof Stylo Yeux formula, which you know I swear by and love to pieces. The Stylo Yeuxs are twist-up pencil liners, but they feel smooth and soft like a gel, so yay! — no tugging on those lash or water lines. They aren’t drying either. I think they feel fabulously comfy and last all day long.

Hoard it like your life depends on it

Sadly, this baby is limited edition for spring 2017. get it while you can before hoarders like your girl here snatch them all up, LOL! Whoops, did two of them just fall into my cart?

Sunshine…and rain

The first time I went to Hawaii, I couldn’t believe the weather. It would pour down rain for five minutes, and then bam! — just like that, the sun would come out. and sometimes it would rain and be sunny at the same time.

Where I live in Novato, that happens a lot. The other morning I looked out my window, and it was raining and sunny at the same time. I’ve lived here for years, and it never gets old!

What does get old, however, is the rain… I feel like it’s been raining nonstop for days. I hope it lets up tomorrow, though, because I can’t be bothered to carry an umbrella while I do my Saturday morning errands.


What are your plans for the weekend, babe?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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